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this is awesome

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mY twitter!

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hey everyone heres my twitter account…followwww meeeeeee πŸ˜›


and cooment me yours so i can follow u.. thanks πŸ˜‰

Some of the best

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just thought u guys would wanna see these are some great youtube videos..!!


So i havent been back to past in a while.. have been very hard at work and sorting out the extra last stuff to get ready for our baby boy coming soon :D.

So wiki? this was an interesting topic to me as Β the only wiki website I knew of was Wikipedia. Wiki is a kind of software that lets people like me and you ad information to a site such a Wikipedia. A study found that there was 3-4% of incorrect info on Wikipedia, the same as the world-renowned encyclopedia Britannica. The was Wiki is developing is what the WWW was originally ment to be. http://www.ibiblio.org/pioneers/lee.html this article describes Tim Berners-Lee was the ideas man behind the WWW, the pioneer if you might.

Onto social networks. There has been some major social networks come and go from the original http://sixdegrees.com/ which is closed and way before its time, to the major 2 big ones in Australia at the moment, http://www.myspace.com/ (which it seems to be is slowly dying out) and http://www.facebook.com/ which with over 500 million users worldwide is the prominent social network around.

this is a piece take from the article “Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship” written by dannah boyd and Nicole B. Ellison. – “While MySpace attracted the majority of media attention in the U.S. and abroad, SNSs were proliferating and growing in popularity worldwide. Friendster gained traction in the Pacific Islands, Orkut became the premier SNS in Brazil before growing rapidly in India (Madhavan, 2007), Mixi attained widespread adoption in Japan, LunarStorm took off in Sweden, Dutch users embraced Hyves, Grono captured Poland, Hi5 was adopted in smaller countries in Latin America, South America, and Europe, and Bebo became very popular in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.”

the spread of social networks as a medium to connect with your friends and friends of friends has exploded the world over. It has moved from networks of friends who u work with or live in your neighbourhood to knowing people thousands of kilometres away. It has taken privacy from us, but has also let us share our stories and ourselves with the world at large.

So onto why i havent been on is a week or 2. between working overtime at work.. 60 hrs a week!! and preparing for our baby boy, who we have chosen the name Darius πŸ™‚ time has not been my friend. But i am still committed to become a web designer. So to plan and plan :)..

Learning about blogs!!

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well this week in my online university course we learnt about blogs. from their beginings as some only people with HTML writing experience could create, too something that anyone who wished to have an online voice could have with the help of blog creator websites such as http://www.wordpress.com and http://blogger.com .

Blogs have become world wide network pages through linking other blogs to each other. They are not a social network as such like Facebook, but through people having similar ideas, likes, political ideals or just want to have an opinion on a matter can search through blogs on such sites at Technorati.com for blogs they might like. I personally think blogs will become the mainstream user shared social network in the future once there is a better way in which to interconnect them, as fast as technology moves this shouldn’t be to far into the future.

MY First Bloggy :) :) :)

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SO here we go!. my first blog ever πŸ™‚

Well ive got 3 big things happening in my life at the moment.

First. My beautiful girl and I are expecting a baby boy! around the 14th of October. There are alot of people telling us were to young to be having a baby (we’re both 21), but I think the most amazing thing we can do in life is have kids, and we got the best deal of all, we get to spend more time with them, raising them,, teaching them, showing them what life is really about then most parents get, so I say we are lucky in that respect :D>

Second. Im doing a university course online so I can still support my girl and our soon to be bub. I was going to say “Im hopefully going to be a” but I KNOW im going to be a great web designer at the end of it.. I love working with computers and especially the internet which is a somewhat major focus of my life.

Third. well its not such a major thing, but I have a puppy mini foxie to be exact.. cuttest lil thing you’ll ever see lol :D. and we got him de’sexed today. poor thing is moping around :(.. but he’ll be ok haha.

Well im back off to study so.. cya cya lata πŸ˜‰